EverTree offers a consulting service where the clients could have an overview of their commodity trading business. Thanks to technology available through our CTRM (Commodity Trading & Risk Management) software called Rubix, traders will have the ability to manage their business with more precision and efficiency.

What we can
do for you

With Rubix, clients will be better able to manage:
Contract Management
  • Physical markets, futures, and Forex
  • Standard terms and customized contracts
  • Automated fixation confirmation
  • Shipping and freight
  • Document storage
Logistics Management
  • Purchase to sales allocation
  • Assigning delivery inventory
  • Shipping and freight management
  • Inventory management
  • Documentation, import and freight
Risk Management
  • Customized individual physical position
  • Combined position of physics and derivatives
  • Integration of market data and curves
  • Mark to Market Rating
  • Allocation of hedging (futures, options, Forex)
  • OTC
  • Credit risk management
  • Pre-transaction cost budgeting
  • Billing and settlement management
  • Assigning accounts payable to contracts
  • Post-transaction profitability analysis
  • Reports and analysis of income statement
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